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Scam Articles

Catholics warned of unholy scams

CATHOLICS, be warned: if you get a phone call from a bishop claiming to be stranded in the Philippines and unable to pay his airport tax - "could you just send a few hundred dollars" - it's almost certainly the ecclesiastical equivalent of the famous internet Nigerian letters scam.

Alert Over Scammer

POLICE have issued a warning about a scam artist who dupes people into believing they are buying cheap electrical goods.

Squirting Scam Trio Arrested

THREE Chilean nationals allegedly stole about $50,000 from unsuspecting people in Wollongong and Sydney in a pickpocketing scam that involved liquid being squirted onto the victims' backs.

Scam With A Silver Lining

A duped Steve McKenna is seduced by the weird and wonderful treasures of Cappadocia.

Warming May Be Latest Scam

I'm becoming highly suspicious that "global warming" might be just another scam and that they are aiming high this time - nothing like attacking something worldwide for a big impact.